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Raspy Juice Reworked

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Reworking the revised Raspy Juice Expansion Board left my table a mess!

Saturday Evening Mess

All that because I received this on Friday… 2 panels of 4 printed circuit boards (PCB) of a revised version (Rev.1) for my Project Raspy Juice, an experimental expansion board for the Raspberry Pi low-cost educational computer.

Panel of 4 Raspy Juice Rev.1 PCB

Manually soldering up tiny surface-mount devices (SMD) onto a single PCB can be time-consuming, especially when there are many different types of component devices. I used to do that with an older revision of the above PCB when it came in single-unit pieces. Like the pictures below… Just to solder up the components of the below single-unit PCB into the one on the below-right would take me a good whole morning.

Single-unit PCB into…

a completed Raspy Juice Rev.0

Anyway, on Saturday, in the same time I used to populate one PCB in the past, I managed to solder up 4 PCB’s in one go. Here’s a picture of the completed panel being washed in the basin…

Washing, and…

Left to dry. (Just kidding, compressed air-jet and hot-air blower was used, really 😎

A quick ‘smoke’ test was done just to see if the main circuits still work.

Powering up of one Raspy Juice in the panel-of-4.

You know, I hate to see the panel of 4 PCBA  being ‘broken’ up to actually use it for the Raspberry Pi purpose — it felt like a nice piece of work. Anyways… yyeeeaarrrrgghhh!!! There it goes >>>>>

Raspy [cracking noises] Juice Rev.1 PCB’s

And a picture of the old versus the new…

So… Why a revised Raspy Juice Rev.1? I just couldn’t stand it that, mechanically, the PCB didn’t sit on the Raspberry Pi PCB properly.

  1. The dimensions of the old version were just a little off.
  2. The stereo jack that provided for the serial port console was also too near to the Raspberry Pi HDMI socket.
  3. The power socket near the top-left of each PCBA was incorrectly oriented, and the power wires that came out of it rubbed against the pins of another header.
  4. The seven JST connectors all had electrically incorrect orientation.
  5. Other than the above, only some minor electrical alterations were updated in the electronics.

To be continued…


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